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Top Notch Kiln Dried Firewood

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100% sustainable ready to burn dry wood. Our wood is locally sourced British Kiln Dried


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About Us

100% Sustainable

We supply 100% British sourced kiln dried logs to everywhere in the UK.

All our firewood is sourced from trees and tree works locally by either removal of dead and dangerous trees or essential and routine maintenance works. We are turning a by-product into a 100% recycled high-quality kiln dried firewood.

Our products help support the local economy, they are eco friendly and ready to burn. Top Notch’s firewood is sold in 1.2m³ and 1.6m³ in loose filled bags and cut to fit most stoves, fireplaces, chimneys, pizza ovens, and firepits.

100% Cost-Effective

Our logs burn at an optimum rate, providing a clean burn with maximum heat output. This makes them so much better for your stove or fireplace and chimney by reducing the build up of tar and soot. Once cut, our logs are placed in the kilns to start the drying process, where the moisture contained in the wood is reduced to around 20%, to provide you with the best instant quality hardwood logs.

Start your online order now, it is simple and quick! You won’t have to wait more than 3 days to get your firewood to your doorstep.

100% Consistent

  • Always locally sourced British wood
  • Dried to an average moisture content of 20%
  • Quantity measured by filling either a 1.2m³ or 1.6m³ bag
  • All logs cut to a length of 25cm (10″) within 10%
  • 5-15cm (2″- 6″) log diameter

If you are not sure what you need, call the experts at our offices or send us an email so we can answer your questions and help you order firewood for your household or business.  Our team is dedicated to bringing you the best ready to burn dry wood,